The Glasgow AAU Wrestling Club will be hosting sign-ups this Saturday, December 9th from 11:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M. at the Glasgow High School (Room 1). Sign-ups will occur during the High School tournament. The board felt this would lead to maximum exposure for our veteran wrestlers, as well as a time to answer questions for any new incoming parents/wrestlers. Please bring your child and take in a great day of competition. They truly deserve our support.

This years High School event should be EXTRA special.  We are bringing in OVER 20 teams from around the state.  We will have 4 mats going the whole day and under the lights for the championship matches.  Friday afternoon we will also be hosting dual matches with over 15 teams.  Should be a GREAT weekend of wrestling here in G-town!

Registration fees remain unchanged this year and will be $70 for the first child, $60 thereafter and a $200 maximum per family (scholarships ARE available.   Please email bflaten@yahoo.com for more info.)  Each wrestler will also be required to sell 1 book of raffle tickets(10 tickets). As compared to around the state, we are significantly lower than most clubs and intend to keep it that way. The board will make every effort to keep costs down to ensure maximum youth participation in the great sport of wrestling.

Costs associated with running the club have been increasing annually with rising insurance costs, tournament entry fees, etc.  In order to combat that, we continue the raffle from last year in order to offer some great prizes and increase participation. The club purchased a 2018 Honda 4-Wheeler purchased from Scott’s Track N’ Wheel. Markles Ace Hardware was generous enough to donate an amazing barbecue grill this year. Eugenes, Reynolds and Ezzies once again donated prizes for the raffle.

Please do your best to get out and sell these early; as the club has already purchased the 4-wheeler in advance.

The schedule stacks up very nicely for our wrestlers. We are starting our season earlier this year, in order to maximize participation and time on the mat.  Our first practice is slated for Monday, January 8th.


Saturday, Dec 9               GWC Sign-ups                                 Glasgow High School    

Wednesday, Dec 27       Alumni Clinic/2nd Sign-ups          Glasgow High School    

Wednesday, Jan 3           GWC Coaches Meeting                 Glasgow High School    

Monday, Jan 8                  GWC 1st Practice                            Glasgow Middle School

Monday, Jan 8                  Parent Meeting                              Glasgow Middle School

Saturday, Jan 13             Wolf Point Invitational                 Wolf Point, MT

Sunday, Jan 14                 Little Cowboy                                  Miles City, MT

Thursday, Jan 18             GWC Pictures                                  Glasgow Middle School

Saturday, Jan 20             Zach Anderson Memorial            Williston, ND

Saturday, Jan 27             Highlander Invitational               Glasgow High School

Saturday, Feb 3              Havre Invitational                         Havre, MT (MSU-N)

Thursday, Feb 15           Minimum 1 BOOK RAFFLE TICKETS SOLD DUE              

Saturday, Feb. 17            Poplar Invitational                        Poplar, MT                       

Saturday, Feb 24             Eagle Invitational                          Sidney, MT                       

Thursday, Mar 1             Spaghetti Feed/Pie Auction        Elks Club

Saturday, Mar 3              Glendive Invitational                    Glendive, MT                   

Fri/Sat, Mar 9-11            State AAU                                         Great Falls, MT               

Saturday, Mar 18            Circle Invitational                         Circle, MT

Fri/Sat, Mar 17-18         Black Hills Nationals                    Spearfish, SD                  

Fri/Sat, Mar 17-18         Rocky Mountain Nationals         Denver, MT                                          

Fri/Sat, Mar 24-25         MT Open                                           Billings, MT

Sunday, Apr 8                End of Year Pizza Party                 El Cor Del Lanes

Highlanders Smash Records At Montana Open

Saunten Gamas gears up for action at the Montana Open.

3/26/17- Billings

The 12th Annual Montana Open was a smashing success for the Highlanders! This year’s squad set a program record with 15 placers at the prestigious event. (previous record was 12 in 2013)
We were the 10th largest team at the event and finished in 15th place overall out of 134 teams (1640 wrestlers total. A new tournament record). A 4th place finish in the medium team division and tied for 1st among all Class B/C towns.

Four Highlanders will wrestle one more weekend! Colten Fast, Ty Kittleson, Mayson Phipps, & Trevor Overvold have qualified for Team Montana and will represent our state at the Middle School and Frosh/Soph National Duals this weekend in Iowa!! Congrats to these young men. Finish strong!

6 & Under 40 – Aiden Aune 5th
6 & Under 43 – Saunten Gamas 6th
6 & Under 49 – Jack Morehouse 3rd
6 & Under 76max – Leo Erickson 2nd
6 & Under 76max – Rivers Sugg 4th
8 & Under 97 – Cade Hudyma 4th
10 & Under 100 – Jaydeen Hanshew 6th
10 & Under 127 – Grady Nielsen 5th
12 & Under 90 – Devon Nesbitt 6th
12 & Under 165 – Kohl Kittleson 5th
15 & Under 116 – Colten Fast 4th
15 & Under 250max – Mayson Phipps 2nd
18 & Under 120 – Gabe Hallock 5th
18 & Under 138 – Matthew Reyling 4th
18 & Under 195 – Justin Walton 6th

Highlanders Crown Six Champions

Jack Morehouse takes home Black Hills Nationals Crown.

3/18/17- The Highlanders traveled across the region this past weekend and continued to build on their historic season. 6 Highlanders were crowned champions in Denver, Spearfish and Wolf Point and 43 placers overall. Youngster Jack Morehouse demolished his 4 opponents in Spearfish and was crowned Black Hills Nationals Champion. Tate Loftsgaard, Saunten Gamas, Aiden Aune, Ethan Engstrom and Jorden Barnhart were perfect on the weekend, taking home Championship honors in Wolf Point. The Highlanders will wrap up their season this weekend at the Montana Open in Billings.

Wolf Point Invitational

Anders Aune-3rd
Ryker Pedersen-2nd
Hunter Pierce- 2nd
Karver Cromwell-4th
Tate Loftsgaard-1st
Pete Ramsey-4th
Tyrus Hartwell-2nd
Saunten Gamas-1st
Asher Wersal-4th
Oliver Paulson-5th
Troy Stebleton-3rd
Hunter Wilson-4th
Leo Erickson-2nd

Aiden Aune-1st
Tay Morehouse-4th
Holt Huntsman-3rd
Tyler King-3rd
DC Flaten-5th
Ira Moore-2nd
Gavin Redstone-4th
Cash Richardson-3rd
Ethan Engstrom-1st

Michael King-4th
Ted See-2nd
Adoniah Kirchdoerfer-4th
Jorden Barnhart-1st

Ted Tryan-3rd

Black Hills Nationals @ Spearfish

Jack Morehouse-1st

Tayven Bietz-7th
Hank Hopstad- 7th
Cody Kuka- 4th
Cade Hudyma- 2nd

William Kirkland- 8th
Jaydeen Hanshew- 4th
Andrew Linder- 3rd

Damien Nesbitt- 4th

Colten Fast- 5th
Ty Kittleson- 2nd

High School
Kaden Zimmerman- 3rd
Oden Hallock- 4th
Trevor Overvold- 6th
Justin Walton- 4th

Rocky Mountain Nationals @ Denver

Kyler Hallock- 3rd

Records Fall At State Folkstyle

3/12/17- The Glasgow Highlanders continued their impressive run in the 2017 season SMASHING previous club records. See the run down below:

**Highlanders TIE the club RECORD for third year in a row with 45 wrestlers participating in the State AAU Tournament! The 5th largest team for the 3rd year in a row. Only North Montana (Great Falls), Havre, Team Champs (Billings) and Darkhorse (Billings) had larger teams than GWC.

**Highlanders Set a NEW CLUB RECORD with 27 state placers! Smashing last year’s club record of 18. (Including 2 State Champions and 3 State Runner-Ups)

**Highlanders Finish in 7th place overall out of 68 teams at this weekend’s TRUE STATE tournament!! Finishing behind only 4 Class AA feeder programs, Havre, & Huntley.

The Highlanders are coming for the rest of the state. Only 2 weeks left of our amazing 2017 season. Great kids. Great coaches. Great Parents.
Be proud Glasgow!

The Highlanders will be competing at the Black Hills Nationals event in Spearfish, RMN in Denver and the Wolf Point Invitational this weekend.

State AAU Folkstyle @ Great Falls 3/10 – 3/12

Anders Aune- 6th
Saunten Gamas- 4th
Tyrus Hartwell- 5th
Leo Erickson- 3rd

Aiden Aune- 3rd
Hank Hopstad- 5th
Cody Kuka-3rd
Ethan Engstrom-6th

William Kirkland-5th
Cade Hudyma- 2nd
Jorden Barnhart- 6th
Jaydeen Hanshew- 1st
Andrew Linder- 3rd

Emily See- 4th

Jake Kuka- 4th
Devon Nesbitt- 4th
Kyler Hallock- 5th
Mayson Phipps- 3rd

Kaden Zimmerman- 3rd
Dylan Nieskens- 6th
Trevor Overvold- 2nd
Ty Kittleson- 5th
Cooper Larson- 1st

Gabe Hallock- 2nd
Matt Reyling- 3rd
Darrin Wersal- 6th
Justin Walton- 6th

Highlanders Team Champs At Glendive Tourney

Bantam Aaron Zoanni works for the pin on the way to his 2nd place finish.

3/5/17- The GWC Highlanders continue to impress as the 2017 season progresses. The young grapplers were crowned overall team champions this past weekend at the Glendive Invitational, crowning 6 champions and 24 overall placers. The Middle School aged kids also impressed, finishing in 4th place out of 35 total teams at Middle School State in Lewistown. The young competitors are peaking at the right time. Next up, State Folkstyle in Great Falls this weekend. Feel free to follow along @ trackwrestling.com for this weekends action.

Glendive Invitational

Leo Erickson- 1st
Hunter Pierce- 2nd
Rivers Sugg- 2nd
Colt Hudyma- 3rd
Troy Stebleton- 3rd
Ryker Pedersen- 3rd
Tate Loftsgaurd- 5th
Anders Aune- 4th

Ira Moore- 1st
Cody Kuka- 1st
Aiden Aune- 1st
Tyven Bietz- 2nd
Aaron Zoanni- 2nd
Jack Morehouse- 2nd
Tyler King- 2nd
Ethan Engstrom- 2nd
Cash Richardson- 3rd
Hank Hopstad- 3rd

Cade Hudyma- 1st
Ted See- 2nd
Michael King- 2nd
Jordan Barnhart- 3rd

Flint Dix 1st
Emily See- 6th

Billings Invitationals
Jaydeen Hanshew- 1st, 1st
Saunten Gamas- 5th, 2nd
Tyrus Hartwell-2nd

Middle School State @ Lewistown

Varsity Brackets:
Dylan Nieskens — 1st
Cooper Larson — 1st
Colten Fast — 2nd
Ty Kittleson — 2nd
Mayson Phipps — 3rd
Tel Aune — 4th
Damian Nesbitt
Devon Nesbitt
Jake Kuka
Kyler Hallock
JV Brackets:
Kohl Kittleson — 1st
Carlos Gonzalez — 4th
Ted Tryan – 3rd

Highlanders Dominating Down The Stretch

Tot Troy Stebleton has his opponent in danger.

2/25/17- The Highlanders are hitting on all cylinders heading into the last month of the season. The Highlanders crowned 13 Champions and 36 placers overall on the weekend. The Glasgow Wrestling Club is hosting it’s Annual Spaghetti Feed / Pie Auction fundraiser this Thursday night, March 2nd 6:00 P.M. at the Elks Club in Glasgow. Please come out and support these kids!

Sidney Invitational

Anders Aune- 3rd
Hunter Pierce- 1st
Tate Loftsgaard- 2nd
Saunten Gamas- 1st
Pete Ramsey- 1st
Oliver Paulson- 6th
Tyrus Hartwell- 1st
Karver Cromwell- 6th
Troy Stebleton- 4th
Colt Hudyma- 1st
Leo Erickson- 1st

Aiden Aune- 1st
Jack Morehouse- 2nd
Holt Huntsman- 3rd
Aaron Zoanni- 1st
Tyler King- 3rd
Westen Kirkland- 6th
DC Flaten- 5th
Hank Hopstad- 1st
Tayven Bietz- 2nd
Cash Richardson- 4th
Gavin Redstone- 3rd

Ted See- 2nd
Michael King- 4th
William Kirkland- 1st
Cade Hudyma- 1st

Emily See- 4th
Riley Overvold- 3rd

Columbus Invitational

Jaydeen Hanshew- 1st

Havre Middle School

Dylan Nieskens- 1st
Devon Nesbitt- 3rd
Damian Nesbitt- 4th
Ty Kittleson- 3rd
Khol Kittleson- 3rd
Levi Overvold- 2nd
Flint Dix- 5th

Annual Spaghetti Feed / Pie Auction Fundraiser

Our annual spaghetti feed / pie auction fund raiser will take place THIS THURSDAY @ the ELKS @ 6:00 P.M. Cost is $5 per plate and/or $20 per family. This is our biggest fund raiser of the year and helps with out-of-state competition, summer camp/competition compensation, as well as 50% of the proceeds going towards a NEW GWC FACILITY! As you know, nearing 90 members (a new record) we are really pushed for space in the East Side basement. We encourage everyone to attend and invite your extended family and friends. The older kids will help serve the spaghetti and some of the younger kids will be showing off pies during the auction. It should be a great time. We have also reserved The Connection for kids to go during the auction (6:30-8:30). They will be supervised and will not be allowed to leave until parents pick them up. If you have any questions, please let me know.

When: Thurs., March 2nd 6:00 P.M. / Pie Auction 7:00 P.M.
Where: Elks
Why: This event helps fund GWC wrestlers with their out of state travel expenses. This fund also helps fund expenses for summer wrestling camps (both in house and sending kids to summer camps). ALSO 50% proceeds go to a NEW GWC FACILITY!

Highlanders Crown 19 Champions

Leo Erickson with the 1st period pin on the way to his Poplar Championship.

2/20/17- The Highlanders competed across the state this past weekend, crowing 19 Champions in total. 50+ wrestlers headed to Poplar, Choteau and Butte for their annual Invitational tournaments. With State AAU only a few short weeks away, the Highlanders are showing VAST improvement and dedication. This weekend the wrestlers will compete in the Sidney Invitational, Havre Middle School and Belgrade Middle School dual tournaments. If you see any of these youngsters around town, please give them a BIG pat on the back!

Poplar Invitational

Aiden Aune
Tyrus Hartwell
Saunten Gamas
Jack Morehouse
Tyler King
Colt Hudyma
Tayven Bietz
Hank Hopstad
Cody Kuka
Ethan Engstrom
Leo Erickson
Cade Hudyma
Jaydeen Hanshew
Grady Nielsen

Ryker Pedersen
Hunter Pierce
Troy Stebleton
Rivers Sugg
William Kirkland
Ted Tryan
Levi Overvold
Andrew Linder
Carlos Gonzales

Anders Aune
Asher Wersal
Oliver Paulson
Tay Morehouse
Ira Moore
Westen Kirkland
Gavin Redstone
Ted See
Michael King
Riley Overvold
Jorden Barnhart

Tate Loftsgaard
Hunter Wilson
Breckin Partridge
Emily See
Tripp Schmidt

Rico Reyes
Adoniah Kirchdoerfer

Butte Middle School
Ty Kittleson 1st
Damian Nesbitt 4th

Butte Cyclops Invitational
Kohl Kittleson 1st
Jake Kuka 5th
Kyler Hallock 4th
Blake Overvold 4th
Mayson Phipps 1st
Colten Fast 3rd
Dylan Nieskens 3rd
Tel Aune 1st
Ty Kittleson 2nd
Cooper Larson 1st

Highlanders Defend Home Turf

Tot Rivers Sugg with the take down at this weekends Highlander Invitational.

1/28/17- Glasgow, MT

Here are the results from this past weekends Glasgow Invitational wrestling tournament. The Highlanders provided the home crowd with a TON of fireworks! Great job boys

Here are the final results (17 Champions, 63 placers):

Tot 34-37 – Anders Aune’s place is 3rd
Tot 35-37 – Ryker Pedersen’s place is 5th
Tot 38-41 – Tyrus Hartwell’s place is 1st.
Tot 40-41 – Tate Loftsgaard’s place is 1st
Tot 40-41 – Rico Reyes’s place is 5th
Tot 40-43 – Hunter Pierce’s place is 3rd
Tot 40-43 – Saunten Gamas’s place is 2nd
Tot 41-43 – Pete Ramsey’s place is 1st
Tot 41-44 – Karver Cromwell’s place is 4th
Tot 41-44 – Asher Wersal’s place is 2nd
Tot 42-45 – Oliver Paulson’s place is 4th
Tot 47-48 – Hunter Wilson’s place is 5th
Tot 48-50 – Troy Stebleton’s place is 4th
Tot 51-53 – Adam Weber’s place is 3rd
Tot 55-62 – Walker Sugg’s place is 3rd
Tot 55-62 – Colt Hudyma’s place is 1st
Tot 69-77 – Leo Erickson’s place is 1st
Tot 69-77 – Rivers Sugg’s place is 3rd
Bantam 40-43 – Aiden Aune’s place is 1st
Bantam 40-43 – Jacob Bishop’s place is 5th
Bantam 42-46 – Tay Morehouse’s place is 3rd
Bantam 44-47 – Holt Huntsman’s place is 3rd
Bantam 44-47 – Daniel Bailey’s place is 5th
Bantam 47-50 – Jack Morehouse’s place is 1st
Bantam 49-52 – Aaron Zoanni’s place is 3rd
Bantam 49-52 – Westen Kirkland’s place is 3rd
Bantam 51-55 – Tyler King’s place is 4th
Bantam 51-56 – DC Flaten’s place is 3rd
Bantam 53-54 – Aedan Weber’s place is 2nd
Bantam 53-56 – Ira Moore’s place is 5th
Bantam 56-58 – Breckin Partridge’s place is 5th
Bantam 58-61 – Cash Richardson’s place is 4th
Bantam 60-63 – Tayven Bietz’s place is 1st.
Bantam 61-66 – Hank Hopstad’s place is 2nd.
Bantam 64-67 – Cody Kuka’s place is 1st
Bantam 68-75 – Ethan Engstrom’s place is 2nd
Bantam 68-75 – Gavin Redstone’s place is 3rd
Midget 52-56 – John Yeska’s place is 3rd
Midget 68-71 – Ted See’s place is 2nd
Midget 69-72 – Michael King’s place is 3rd
Midget 72-76 – Adoniah Kirchdoerfer’s place is 5th
Midget 77-84 – William Kirkland’s place is 1st
Midget 79-85 – Wyatt Sugg’s place is 2nd
Midget 86-93 – Cade Hudyma’s place is 3rd
Midget 90-98 – Jorden Barnhart’s place is 4th
Midget 95-104 – Jaydeen Hanshew’s place is 1st
Midget 107-116 – Andrew Linder’s place is 1st
Midget 124-134 – Tripp Schmidt’s place is 2nd
Novice 77-82 – Riley Overvold’s place is 3rd
Novice 82-86 – Jackson Bishop’s place is 4th
Novice 84-89 – Flint Dix’s place is 2nd
Novice 111-120 – Levi Overvold’s place is 2nd
Novice 127-134 – Grady Nielsen’s place is 2nd
Novice 144-162 – Kohl Kittleson’s place is 1st
Schoolboy 66-66 – Jake Kuka’s place is 2nd
Schoolboy 83-90 – Devon Nesbitt’s place is 1st
Schoolboy 91-95 – Jack Cornwell’s place is 5th
Schoolboy 91-95 – Damien Nesbitt’s place is 2nd
Schoolboy 121-127 – Kyler Hallock’s place is 3rd
Schoolboy 151-152 – Blake Overvold’s place is 2nd
Cadet 105- Ted Tryan place is 1st
Cadet 115-127 – Colten Fast’s place is 1st
Cadet 205-246 – Mayson Phipps’s place is 1st

Highlanders Head To Williston, ND

Tot Tyrus Hartwell with the PIN at the Zach Anderson Memorial Open in Williston, ND.

1/21/17- The Glasgow Highlanders made the trek to North Dakota to compete in the Zach Anderson Memorial Open in Williston this past weekend. These youngsters continue to impress early in the season, crowning 10 CHAMPIONS and 33 place winners. Congrats and keep grinding boys. We’re proud of you!

Zach Anderson Memorial Open (Williston)

Anders Aune- 4th
Asher Wersal- 2nd
Rico Reyes- 5th
Hunter Pierce- 1st
Tate Loftsgaard- 2nd
Aiden Aune- 1st
Tyrus Hartwell- 3rd
Saunten Gamas- 2nd
Pete Ramsey- 4th
Tay Morehouse- 1st
Jack Morehouse- 3rd
Aaron Zoanni- 2nd
Colt Hudyma- 2nd
Ira Moore- 1st
Aedan Weber- 4th
Walker Sugg- 2nd
Rivers Sugg- 1st
Leo Erickson- 1st

Hank Hopstad- 2nd
Adoniah Kirchdoerfer- 2nd
Cade Hudyma- 1st
Khye Gamas- 2nd
Riley Overvold- 3rd

Wyatt Sugg- 4th
Jaydeen Hanshew- 1st
Tripp Schmidt- 2nd
Andrew Linder- 3rd

Calvin Mason- 4th
Devin Nesbitt- 2nd
Damien Nesbitt- 4th
Blake Overvold- 1st
Levi Overvold- 3rd
Mayson Phipps- 1st